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About us.

About us is a fresh and dynamic company that is specialized in fabricating and manufacturing of frameless glasspanels a.k.a. glasscurtains. The heart of the company is located in Catral from where we work on the whole Costa Blanca, starting from Denia till further than Torrevieja, but also in the inland.

The company is characterized by an enthusiastic but also specialized team with many years of experience in the glass industry but also with the entrepreneurship.


The specific areas of knowledge of will ensure you that, no matter if it’s about a tailor made proposal, the frabrication or the final installation of our unique system, you will be satisfied with the end result.


With this knowledge and assessment we have better developed and frabricated frameless glasspanels with adjusted system, we don’t only break the normal division of indoor and outdoor spaces, but we are also the most comparative company on the Costa Blanca when it comes to buying frameless glasspanels.


We from fabricate and manufacture the glasspanels ourself  and stand as a company for a first class product and a very high service. Because of this we are able to offer a 5 year guarantee on our frameless glasspanels so you can peacefully enjoy your balcony, terrace or patio during the whole year round.

Curious how the system works?


Click here for our unique demonstration.


Ofcourse you are also welcome to visit us in the heart of our company in Catral, where the glasspanels are fabricated, or to have a look at one of the many showhouses of which there is surely one near you. We do recommend you to make a appointment. We’d be pleased to hear from you!








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